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Are you yourself a (young) farmer and/or do you know young inspirational farming initiatives or young farmers working the land? We are curious to hear!

Do you know about the situation of young farmers in your country and would like to share it? We are happy to post your article on our website/facebook and twitter.

Would you like to help with translations on-site while filming or with the translation of subtitles in your language? Get in contact!

Did you make a film about young farmers yourself or do you know anyone having done so and would like to share it on our website? Get in contact!

We could also need some help in making our website a little more professional and nice …

Would you like to introduce Future Farmers in the Spotlight as a news item on your website or blog or want to show our films, feel free to do so and drop us a short line.

Do you have any other suggestion and ideas or would you like to contribute to Future Farmers in any other way, we are happy to hear from you!

Together we can inspire all the future farmers that have the dream to start working the land, we can show that it is possible and initiate an active network!

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