Young farmers

Only 7 percent or respectively 10 percent of all farmers in the European Union (conventional/organic) is below the age of 35 years!

Age distribution of organice and non-orgnaic farm holders in the EU-27, 2010Graph - aging of farming population .jpg

More than half of all farmers is above the age of 55 years (DG Agri, 2010). In countries such as Portugal (71%), Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary (62%) the situation is worse. Under current circumstances it is much probable that in 10 years time we have lost half  of our farmers in Europe!

More small and middle size farmers find especially due to economic reasons no successor. But also the larger farms with a better economic situation are affected. 2/3 of all farmers in Germany and The Netherlands (average data) above the age of 50 have no successor (yet)! The situation in other European countries is similar.

Farm succession

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